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The process of seeing your baby grow is one of the most beautiful life moment. The significant milestones in your little one's growing up years also demand extra care & nurture requirements. Like the moment you decide to introduce solid foods in your baby's diet, you need to consider the tableware required for this purpose.

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The babies in their growing up years tend to be super active & it is challenging to predict their next move. Hence, it may happen that the minute you keep the food bowl in front of your toddler, he may try to throw it onto the floor. Consequently, cleaning food off the floors & walls is very frustrating. Therefore, proper tableware is essential to ease the process of introducing solid foods to your baby. Since the tableware cutlery is designed to suit all requirements & conditions that may arise, a quick read will help you understand these aspects.

Removable & fixed suction cups

The primary aspect that needs consideration is the suction cup. The suction mechanism helps stick the bowl with the table, which won't budge when your toddler tries to get it off the table. Some tableware features removable suction cups; hence these utensils can be used for other purposes once your baby grows & doesn't need the tableware anymore. Therefore, these variants ensure extended utility. However, these may not be dishwasher safe.

Sections & spoons with soft tips

The tableware with deep & divided sections is better because it will help you arrange different foods properly. The deep grooves will ensure the food doesn't get off the plate when your baby tries to push it to the sides to get the food into the spoon. The spoons with softer tips should be preferred as they will be light on the baby's teething gums. Specific variants are scratch-free which won't look worn out even after prolonged use.

User-friendly attributes & appealing designs

Taking care of the baby is a daunting task. Hence, the products that you use should be high in terms of convenience & ease of use.  Therefore, tableware that is compatible with the microwave, freezer & dishwasher is recommended. Babies get very interested in exploring things that have attractive shapes & colours. Hence, some variants have fun designs like mickey mouse, smiling panda etc. These products will pique your baby's interests.

Sturdy & Eco-friendly materials

The tableware, which is not made of plastic, can be considered. These products are environment friendly. For those parents who are conscious of the decor, there are products available in pastel colours that look very elegant. Managing the baby involves a lot of multi-tasking. Therefore, you always won't have the time to handle everything delicately. Thus, the tableware should be durable enough to withstand any mishandling.

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