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Whether you are stocking up your restaurant, café, coffee shop, or food delivery service – take-out boxes top the item list. Today, people are always on the go, trying to keep up with their busy lifestyles and ordering take-out or placing takeaway orders is what they usually do. Take-out boxes come in every shape & size – and even though it's just food packaging, it does affect the chances of a customer re-visiting or re-ordering from your eatery or joint – which is investing in quality take-out boxes is essential.

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Take-Out Boxes Buying Guide

Besides food packaging and delivery, take-out boxes can also be used to pack your kid's school lunch or meals for the office. Similarly, the boxes make excellent containers for road trips, a day at the beach, picnics or anywhere you want to carry your home-made meals. Of late, more and more people have been switching to dinner-prepping instead of cooking every day – and instead of using glass/plastic containers, take-out boxes can be used. The uses of take-out boxes are endless, but buyers must keep some features in mind that this guide will highlight.

Select an Appropriate Shape & Size

Take-out boxes are available in numerous designs, shapes, and sizes – depending on the type of food they are supposed to hold. So, buyers need to start with choosing a suitable form. For instance, there are specially designed boxes for sandwiches, salads, burgers, and noodles. Other take-out boxes are usually square or rectangle-shaped and are suitable for anything from rice and curries to fish and fried chicken. Similarly, based on the quantity to be served or stored, a buyer must choose an appropriately-sized take-out box.

Which Material is Suitable for Take-Out Boxes?

Food packaging, including take-out boxes, are usually made of plastic, cardboard, or paper. Although all three are good options, plastic is sturdy and can easily be reused & cleaned. However, if you do buy plastic boxes, make sure it is food-grade and of high quality. On the other hand, carboard and paper take-out boxes are lightweight, tough to carry, and cannot be reused. But if you prefer cardboard or paper over plastic, it is better to go with sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and compostable take-out boxes.

Go with Leakproof & Microwavable Boxes

Whether you deliver a gravy-based meal or packing one for a family member, spillage and leakage can be quite a disappointment. So, it is better to buy leak-proof take-out boxes that hold sauces, gravies, and even soup well. Also, the take-out box should be resistant to grease and oil to avoid a mess. Since most of us feel the need to re-heat our meals or save them for later, buying microwavable/microwave-safe take-out boxes are more suitable as this way, you won't have to use fresh utensils. Some packages are even refrigerator and freezer-safe, which is an essential feature to consider.

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