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Ordering take-out after a busy and long day at work or on the weekend is something we all look forward to, and their convenient packaging makes food all the more enjoyable. But if you own a restaurant, a café, or an eatery and offer door to door food delivery services – investing in good quality take-out containers is always a priority.

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Take-Out Containers Buying Guide

When dining out, freshness and a perfect temperature are the main qualities one looks for in meals. But when it comes to take-out, people also tend to factor in the packaging. Anything from a spill or leakage to cold food can be a disappointment to customers, thereby giving them a wrong impression of the business. However, using the right take-out containers can end such problems, and this guide will explain all vital features buyers should keep in check.

Select an Appropriate Container

Some dishes are served in bowls, while others are served in plates – one cannot use the same take-out container for every cuisine or recipe. For instance, pizzas fit better in a pizza box, and burgers are served in smaller and square containers. Although a take-out container may be suitable for more than one dish, it is better to go with specifically designed ones to present the food better. However, choosing a take-out container also includes checking its size and whether it is appropriate.

Premium Quality Material

Although most take-out containers are made with paper, plastic, or cardboard, some manufacturers use bagasse – which is an excellent alternative to polystyrene or hard plastics. One advantage of using bagasse take-out containers is that the material does not trap condensation, keeping food fresh and crispy much longer. No matter which material you prefer, it is essential to ensure the take-out container is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. If desired, buyers can also go with compostable and biodegradable take-out containers offered by some brands.

Leak-Proof Design is a Must

No one likes spilt or leaky food packaging, which is why a leak-resistant locking mechanism design is a non-negotiable feature. It is necessary to keep meals secure and fresh until they reach customers. Therefore, buyers must ensure that the containers are one hundred per cent leak-proof and will not get soggy from oily food or gravies and sauces. However, heat-resistance is also essential as it makes the take-out container suitable for both hot and cold food.

Choose Microwave & Freezer-Safe Containers

Whether a person wants to enjoy their take-out food the next day or a few hours later – using a new utensil to re-heat can be tedious at times. But a convenient solution to this is microwave-safe take-out containers, so one does not have to worry about their food getting cold. Similarly, storing leftover food in a new container can be avoided by investing in freezer-safe take-out containers.

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