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Talking drum is an hourglass-shaped instrument with the drum heads being at its side for easy play. The product creates a sound reminiscent of human humming. The sounds are easy to experiment with on drums by altering the numerous cords' tension between the two sides resulting in changed tonal quality.

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Talking Drums Buying Guide

The prominent instrument of African heritage, talking drums, might sound like a unique name for equipment though the instrument's play and quality justify the unusual name. Talking drums are known to create the same rhythm, pitch and volume as a human, though lacking the vowel, consonant part, making it the 'talking drum' it is widely known around. The drum is played handheld, with the drumheads being at their two opposite sides. The unique sound makes it a fantastic instrument to incorporate and highlight in musical pieces while respecting its cultural richness. This buying guide might help to know more about the tool for the people considering buying one.

The material used on the drum body

Native prefer using organic mediums such as wood to create this instrument. Diverse variants are available for the community to select from when opting for the kind of wood. Talking drum owns a beautiful hourglass shape and with stunning carvings on its bod to beautify its visual appeal. The type of wood usually used on talking drums can vary from mahogany to Tweneboa wood.

Additional stick to play the instrument

Besides being widely played by hands, many people prefer playing this percussion instrument with mallets. There might be a chance of mallets not being available with the bought variant. Customers willing to play the device with a mallet can separately buy them to make full use of the product. Mallets produce a unique sound with the type of head they own, so dig deeper to find the best match.

Variety of designs present on the product

One can perceive the cultural richness of talking drums through the engraved designs and paintings present on the drums' exterior. Buyers have the freedom to choose from a wide range of such beautiful creations that visually speak and preach of their native heritage. As much as they sound compelling, the artwork on talking drums is visually alluring too.

Durable strap to offer support

Owning two drum heads on either side of the instrument, a talking drum is played when hung on the shoulder or neck. Customers looking forward to playing, in the same way, can opt for variants with a long and robust strap that is durable enough to keep the instrument hanging without breaking off. Tackling both the task s of holding it and playing it together can be tricky. Straps keep the user away from such concern.

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