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Today, we can easily work with and save large data files, even in terabytes – directly on our computers without using external storage devices. But back in the day, floppy disks or diskettes were the only way out. The floppy disk was the first storage hardware tool that could read & write portable devices – but it was only possible by using a floppy disk drive/FDD. FDD is a computer disk drive that enables a user to save data to removable diskettes.

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Although CDs and flash drives replaced floppy disks, it was only a matter of time until hard drives became the go-to choice. A floppy disk can only save a few megabytes worth of data – which is less than the size of a high-quality photograph. Earlier, operating systems came with internal floppy disk drives, but modern computers and laptops no longer support floppy diskettes. So, if you need to access old diskettes or use one, investing in an external floppy disk drive is your best bet. However, there are certain factors you need to consider, and this guide is here to help.

Go with USB Interface Floppy Disk Drives

When browsing through floppy disk drives, buyers will come across emulators and USB-powered FDDs. Emulators are far more complex, require installation plus setting-up and are better suited for industrial control equipment. On the other hand, a USB floppy disk drive is relatively easy to use as it only needs to be connected to the USB port for accessing information. Unlike emulators, USB interface floppy disk drives do not require any pre-installed software, external power or adapters to function – which improves its anti-jamming and anti-interference ability.

Broad Compatibility & Support are Essential

If you are buying a USB floppy disk drive, it is best to choose one that works with all USB interfaces, including 1.1, 2.0, 3.0. Similarly, the floppy disk drive should support all major operating systems to ensure its compatibility with your device. Some FDDs work only with specific software like Windows, so it is best to check the supportability beforehand. Also, the more devices (such as desktops & laptops) the disk drive works with, the better. Buyers even need to check if the FDD can read/write the capacity/size of your floppy diskette to ensure easy operation.

What Else to Consider?

As far as floppy disk drives are concerned, there isn't much to consider besides the connectivity type and compatibility – however, some more features can make a difference. Buyers should buy small, thin, and lightweight floppy disk drives, especially if you need to access diskettes frequently. A compact FDD can easily fit in your bag and go everywhere with you. One must also choose a disk drive with high-quality & durable construction plus efficient design features like non-slip rubber surface and built-in cable.

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