Top 12 Tea for Babies

If you are bored by giving only water and milk to your baby, you can try feeding tea for babies. But, before doing so, you have to consult your doctor. If you have no problem doing so, you have to start considering the type of tea to be fed.

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Tea for Babies Buying Guide

You have a lot of options in tea if you buy for adults. But, the same does not apply to babies. You have only limited editions. In that too you have to check many aspects before buying. Who will tell you about those? Don't worry! This guide will you with that.

Types of tea for babies

There are only a few options available when it comes to tea for babies. The tea type also depends on the age of toddlers. If your baby is too small to drink tea, you have different options than those who are mature enough to drink. The best tea flavours for babies would be chamomile, ginger, fennel, and mint. There are also other flavours available, but these are considered to be safe for any age. When you are buying tea for babies, make sure you purchase herbal tea. The reason is stated in the later sections.

Do not include caffeine

When you are buying tea for your precious one, try to look at the ingredients list closely. It is to ensure that there are no harmful ingredients present like preservatives or toxins. Also, check if you find caffeine in the list. If the tea powder or bag has caffeine on the list, avoid it altogether. Caffeine is said to cause trouble in sleeping and some more fluctuations in their body's minerals levels. So, avoid them until they are older than 12.

Consider having allergies sometimes

If you do not want your baby to have allergies, it is best advised to do two things before purchasing. One is to consult your doctor as they will tell if it is safe for your child or not. The second is to check the ingredients list and researching the ingredients present thoroughly. If you buy the tea and after drinking, you find symptoms like vomiting, swelling, or irritations, and stop giving them tea immediately. Some other factors include the expiry date, sugar content, and packaging.