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Animals thrive in their natural habitat. For reptiles, it's essential to build that habitat in the terrarium tank. One of the main constituents of the enclosed environment is the substrate. This substrate can be partially or entirely sandy. Research before buying a bag of sand for the amphibian is recommended.

Terrarium Sand Buying Guide

Sand is an incredible substrate and sometimes the only substrate for animals that belong in desert-like surroundings. One can let their creative mind roam and decorate the sand. Terrarium sand comes in a wide range of colours. Blending the colours can make the substrate for the reptile catchy and stunning. Sand is also easy to clean by sifting with a mesh screen.

Special Sand for Special Reptiles

Construction sand or sand from beaches most probably has some big sharp pieces. These can harm the reptile's body, especially if it ingests it. They also have a fair amount of dust particles mixed in them. Exposure to this dust can be harmful to both the pet and the owner. Only specially manufactured sand for reptiles should be used. Pet products manufacturing companies take special care and follow safety protocols.

Sand is not for Smallie Crawlies

Impaction is one of the most common drawbacks of using sand as the substrate. Sometimes, reptiles ingest sand particles, and they get accumulated in their digestive tract. This clogging is fatal to the pet in most cases. Smaller sized amphibians or younglings are more inclined to suffer from impaction. They should be at least six months of age before introducing sand in their environment.

Feed from a dish, not off of the sand

Often, sand gets stuck with the food for the reptile and will most definitely result in impaction inside the poor crawler. It is easily avoidable by using a dish to keep the food on. It might be hard to find the perfect shaped plate so that the food can't escape and the pet can access it too. Getting a suitable feed becomes more crucial than ever.

Sand is the perfect substrate for reptiles like bearded dragons, desert iguanas, sand boas and leopard geckos.

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