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If you are a parent to a newborn, you must know how often babies give us a scare by showing fever symptoms. In such instances, ideally, the first thing to do is check the infant's temperature before going on a panic mode. Thermometers are your easy solution for recording your baby's or your body temperature at home. However, it can get a little confusing to choose a suitable thermometer as the market is filled with many types. Read on, and we assure you this guide will help clear all your queries on this nifty equipment.

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A thermometer can often be a lifesaver, as temperature fluctuations in the body may indicate several severe illnesses. Its use sometimes ensures that one is not put in a hazardous health situation. However, though widely used as medical equipment at home, in recent years, thermometers have taken their due place in kitchens as well, by helping to make many dishes that require cooking under precise temperature levels.

Contact and no-contact thermometers

Thermometers can be broadly categorised as contact or no-contact tools. As the name suggests, contact thermometers come in contact or touch a body part to read the temperature using heat sensors. Most contact thermometers can be used on any of the following body parts: mouth, armpit, rectum or forehead.No-contact or remote thermometers don't require skin contact to read the temperature. Thus, they are ideal for public use, like in hospitals, offices, cinemas, polling booths etc., where a crowd of people might have to be checked for their body temperature. They can be pointed towards the forehead to locate the temporal artery or the ear. Remote thermometers may not be accurate all the time, as the climate, direct sunlight and sweat etc., can influence the readings.

Checking the temperature of infants

For babies under three months, rectal temperatures are likely to give the most accurate readings. However, rectal thermometers may worry many parents about potentially causing their child discomfort. Soft or curved tips in the equipment could ensure that your newborn is not annoyed by a foreign object in their body. Though armpit readings are convenient, they may not always give accurate readings. Older babies can use oral thermometers, although you must ensure that the tool doesn't pose any choking hazard. As babies don't stay still, you might want to invest in a thermometer that offers a quick response time.   

Should you buy mercury thermometers?

Thermometers encased in glass and filled with mercury have been widely used in the past. However, buying more of them is not advisable as mercury is a life-threatening hazardous waste. And with the advent of advanced thermometers that provide equal or better accuracy, you now have an array of options to choose from. 

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