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Thread milling is a thread cutting process where the workpiece is held stationary, and a rotating tool (thread mill) moves around the work in a circular path and along the length creating helical grooves or threads. Thread mills are the threading tools used on CNC machines having triaxial controls and helical path generating capabilities.

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There are two types of thread mills, Single row and Multi-row. Single row thread mill has one row of teeth, can cut only one thread in a pass. Multi-row has many rows of teeth, can make several threads in one pass. Each Multi-row thread mill is meant for a pitch of one size, while a single row thread mill can be used for threads of different pitches. A single tool can serve for the internal, external, right hand, left hand, and threads of different diameters in both types.

Low probability of tool damage

Compared with tapping, in thread mill, cutting, forces are less, teeth are large and strong. There are lesser chances of tool breakage and easy to remove in case of any breakage. It can be used for threading hard and difficult to machine materials.

Shorter chips & greater finish

Chips generated during thread milling are shorter, easy to remove, and will not get entangled with the job. Unlike tapping, blind holes can be threaded to full length. Thread milling gives a better finish, tolerance and thread angle compared to other threading methods.

A quick heads up on thread mill selection

The diameter should not be more than 70% of the thread diameter to avoid thread distortion. A single row thread mill is preferable for threading harder material. Multi-row and Single row mills are available in Solid type and in replaceable insert (Indexable) type. The former gives better geometry than the indexable type, which is preferred for larger production work on large diameter holes. Solid carbide thread mill typically comes in a single row; multi-row are of HSS with a hard coating. Thread mills are available with integrated countersink at the thread mill's top and don't need tool change for chamfering.

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