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The bed sheets you get for your toddler must be gentle on their skin. It should be breathable and preferably made of natural fabric. Products like toddler bed sheets must be bought carefully.

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Toddler Bed Sheets Buying Guide

Babies are soft and delicate; they need to be handled with utmost care. They are very sensitive as well. Things that would never be obvious to us cause them significant discomfort. Hence, their diets, routines, exercises, clothes – everything needs to be bought carefully after a thorough examination. The same goes for bed sheets meant for toddlers. Their smaller beds need different bed sheets that are smaller and gentler on their skin. A number of factors should be considered while purchasing bed sheets for toddlers.

Size of the bed sheet

Most toddler bed sheets available are fitted sheets.  They have elastic sewn into their corners or along the entire perimeter. You need to be precise with the sizing of fitted sheets; otherwise, it will turn out to be an annoyance. Make sure that the bed sheet can be used for any toddler bed mattress. The dimensions of the sheets are always mentioned; you can measure your child's bed and check it for yourself. Along with the length and breadth, do not forget to check the depth of the mattress and bed sheet as well.

The material it is made of

You should always go over the list of materials used to make any product catering to children, and toddler bed sheets are no exception. The bed sheet must feel soft and comfortable against the child's skin; it should cause no irritation. Look for bed sheets that are breathable; your baby's skin should be able to breathe, and it must not suffocate the toddler. Choose bed sheets made of natural elements like cotton over synthetic fibres. Fabrics like that of soft jersey cotton regulate body temperature and absorb sweat.  Many toddler bed sheets are entirely made of pure cotton. Try to avoid polyester, polypropylene, bamboo fibre, and nylon.

How to wash them?

You must always keep toddler bed sheets clean and washed; you don't want any health issues. How you should wash the sheets depends on the fabric it is made of. Check if it is machine washable or not. Avoid bleaching them. If your bed sheet is made of pure cotton, many brands will suggest to first wash the bed sheets separately with non-bleached, non-bio detergent since cotton reacts differently for every washing detergent; some sheets might shrink after being washed.

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