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Sleeping time is the one when little kids & toddlers wander in their dreamy adventure and fairylands. To appraise their dreams, kids must enjoy a comfortable sleep in their cots and junior beds. Having a sound sleep also keeps the children energetic & happy throughout the day.

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Toddler Duvet Covers Buying Guide

Good Cot bedding develops a pleasant and relaxing environment for little kids. And with a soft and cosy duvet cover, toddlers can feel the smooth touch of their parents. They can sleep calmly in their cot beds. Indeed, duvet covers bestow them a sense of warmth and love throughout the nighttime. 

How to pick the right duvet cover?

Duvet covers come along with a pillowcase set in variant sizes. However, the most common measurements of duvet covers are either (100 × 135 cm) or (120 × 150 cm) with a standard pillowcase of 40 × 60 cm. Customers can pick any of the desired sizes of covers for their cot, junior or toddlers’ bed. Moreover, toddlers are not mature enough, and they can’t pull or push their duvet all the time. So, parents usually prefer a light duvet for them. Similarly, their duvet covers should be flimsy as well. It keeps the toddler safe and healthy under the covers.

Fabric that feels like a feather!

Choosing the ideal fabric for duvet covers is the top-most priority for anyone. Generally, toddlers are very skin-sensitive. A good duvet cover should be soft, smooth, cosy, and anti-allergic to the baby’s skin. Cotton, linen, polyester, bamboo rayon, and a few cotton blends are more preferable kinds of stuff. Apart from this, toddlers make their clothes go dirty very often. So, buying a duvet cover that is machine washable reduces laundry stress. 

So many colours & cartoons!

Usually, kids roam around in the realms of their fantasy world. Their love & craze for cartoons & colours don’t go unnoticed. Duvet covers are one of those articles that adds happiness to their rooms. It brings their dreamy world a step closer to their beds. Today, most toddler duvet covers are available with a portrait of different favourite cartoon characters. From Marie cat, Disney princesses, Mickey & Minnie mouse to Unicorn, Space dog, minions and what not! Toddlers will have all that they are fond of on their duvet covers. Also, there are plenty of soothing and exciting colours available for duvet covers.

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