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Hygiene is a vital factor in one's health. Especially oral hygiene is the forefather of all. Everything you eat is going to pass through your mouth only. So, keeping it clean by brushing at least twice a day is essential. Again the hygiene of toothbrush is also a key factor to consider.

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Toothbrush Holders Buying Guide

To keep your toothbrush clean and hygienic, toothbrush holders can be helpful—however, different types, materials, sizes, and much more available to look upon the purchase. How do you differentiate between the great toothbrush holder and the worst toothbrush holders?

A few to choose from the material

You can see a wide range of materials when you shop for the toothbrush holders. There is ceramics, plastic, stainless steel, wood, glass, silicone, and more. There is nothing like best and worst as all the materials that have been stated is excellent for durability. However, check for some extra coatings and varnishes in some products. For wood and steel, ensure there are enough coatings on the outside to protect them from wearing out fast. But as you can see, ceramics and glass are prone to breaking. Hence you have to keep it safe for the long run.

Know the type of toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holders are available in three types: standard cylindrical/any shape, suction, and electrical brush holders. The standard type is the simple one material made holder that is either cylindrical or rectangle. You can see this in stainless steel and plastic as the most. The suction toothbrush holders are mountable on the walls and other smooth surfaces. These are portable too, so it is more convenient. If you have the electric brushes, you can search for electric brush holders explicitly designed for it.

Consider your hygiene more and more

As toothbrush is for oral hygiene, you have to ensure that your toothbrushes are also hygienic to be used daily. Remember your toothbrush is going to be wet after every use. So, make sure the toothbrush holder has a hole or window for air-drying your brushes. Anything else other than the typical storage is also acceptable. So, if there is an extra storage option available in your holder, you can go for it without any doubt. Also, if you use mountable holders, ensure they are not heavy.

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