Top 12 Toy Bags & Nets

If you have visited a house with a newborn or a toddler, you would have seen many toys and game sets scattered all over the place. Perhaps it is your house that has been busy lately with this spectacle. And as parents or caretakers, you probably are exhausted with all the time spent in organising your little one's toy world.

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Toy Bags & Nets Buying Guide

Toy bags and nets are as necessary as toys for kids, and they help in the development of your child's organisational skills profoundly. This guide helps you choose the right equipment, catering to your child's play goodies.

What to look for?

As there are different kinds of toy storage options available in the market, there is no one set of rules that you have to follow while shopping for toy bags/nets. If you are searching for a storage space to keep bath toys and stuff in the bathroom, you can look for hanging bags with adhesive suction cups that stick to the bathroom wall. Mesh storage is highly recommended for them so that the toys dry quickly after use. They must be made of mildew-resistant materials.When visiting the beach, transparent bags are preferable to quickly access various equipment, whether your child wants to make sandcastles or play dodgeball. If your child has many plush toys that need to be kept somewhere snug, you could go for net options such as a mini-hammock which will help the stuffed playmates stay in shape without being pressed down in a box or a cupboard.

Multipurpose bags

Many toy bags come as multipurpose tools to make your life better and easy. One such is the flexible bag cum mat design that uses drawstrings, zippers etc. to fasten. It can carry many toys comfortably and be spread on the floor, ground or any flat surface when opened. These washable mat bags ensure that your child and his or her toys are clean during playtime, especially when you go outdoors for a picnic or something.

The must-have features

Regardless of the type of bag you buy, some quintessential features can't be compromised when it comes to portable storage for children. The bags must be easy-to-use and lightweight for the child to carry. The materials should be of higher grade, child-safe quality. Waterproof, abrasion-resistant features are excellent for children as they tend to play in dirt and water far too often. And lastly, the toy bag must suit your child's liking, i.e., the colours and patterns should be appealing to them to encourage them to use it.