Top 12 Toy Weapons

Even though there are loads of toys out there, most kids tend to get attracted to toy weapons – be it after watching an action film/cartoon or just because their friend has one. Toy weapons include everything from machine guns and pistols to swords and lightsabers – but if you are even slightly worried about such toys being harmful or negatively influential for your children, you shouldn’t be. Although it is ultimately a matter of personal choice, research indicates that playing with toy weapons stimulates imaginative role-playing – which is good for a child’s development.

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Smiffys Metal Handcuffs

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Ninja Double Sword Set

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Toy Weapons Buying Guide

Besides movies & cartoons, many toy weapons are even inspired by arcade games, and parents can buy anything that interests their kid. Better yet, weapon toys also make the perfect gift option for birthday parties, Christmas, and all other special occasions & events. Whether your child is into superheroes like Thor or Captain America, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or even ninjas – there is a huge variety available to buyers. Moreover, toy weapons can be used for fancy dress competitions or Halloween by anyone. But there are some factors this buying guide will highlight, and buyers must consider those.

Interactive Features are a Plus

Although weapon toys are enough to keep children entertained and happy, buyers can consider choosing ones loaded with interactive features. For instance, some brands offer an electric machine gun with stimulation (shooting) sound, laser and LED lights, vibration, and bullets that can be loaded and unloaded. Similarly, most lightsabers feature lights, sound effects like animal noises, wacky screams, and even certain phrases from the Star Wars movie. Even though such interactive features are not necessary when buying weapon toys, they can enhance the playing experience and make it all the more immersive for children.

Go for Well-Constructed Weapon Toys

Whether you purchase a machine gun, pistol, or sword – it is essential to make sure the weapon toy is well-constructed. Firstly, the toy should be made with attention to detail to make it more enjoyable and fun for children. Secondly, weapon toys must be built with high-quality materials since kids can be careless at times. For instance, buyers can go for plastic toy weapons as plastic has excellent impact resistance and durability. Similarly, the material should be safe for kids, officially licensed, and the weapon toy must meet all the required manufacturing standards.

What Else to Consider?

Before buying any toy weapon, one should check the suitable age-group as some toys can be unsafe for smaller children to use/play with. Buyers must choose weapon toys manufactured or sold by trusted and well-known brands & sellers, so you only purchase the best for your child and always have peace of mind. Another thing a buyer can do is read and refer to the reviews, rating, and feedback provided by other customers – as it will give you a clearer idea about the product and whether you should invest in it.