Top 12 Trading Card Sleeves

It is vital to maintain the condition of the trading cards to ensure their long life. The first protective layer that saves your precious trading card is the trading card sleeve. They are a layer of plastic that protect the card from scratches & other damage. There are a huge variety of trading card sleeves in the market.

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Trading Card Sleeves Buying Guide

The trading card sleeves should be made with acid-free material. If they contain acid then it can stain your cards. If they made with Polypropylene material then, it is considered ideal. It has certain amazing charactertics like resistant to bacteria, midly rugged & can withstand high tempretures. If the said substance is used, then it will be mentioned on the cover.

Size considerations

There are trading card sleeves made with UV technology which prevents the cards from fading. They are available in a range of sizes. Consider your gaming card's size to ensure a snug fit so that no part sticks out towards the open end. If this happens then the card may get bent on one end, giving an unfair advantage to the player. If you go in tournaments then some rules don’t permit such disfigured cards. The ones that have a silky finish look better.

Matte textured ones

There are trading card sleeves with a smooth & transperant front & has a matte surface on the back. These are studier than the normal pokemon card sleeves & are resistant to wear & tear. All the pieces have an uniform cut & are waterproof. The edges are firm so that they don’t rip easily while handling. These are well suited for card games, small gatherings & sports cards. However, they are not for shuffled usage. They keep your cherished cards free of dust, grime & moisture. They can be an ideal gifting option for birthdays or Christmas.

Album styled ones & multifaceted uses

There are trading card sleeves offered in a two finger ring binder. They fit all the standard sized cards ranging from baseball cards, football & business cards. You can also use them for snail mailing. They can also accommodate your kid’s favourite stamp collection or mini photos or help in crafting. Hence, the uses are versatile depeding on your creativity. It is advisable to get a card holder to keep them secured at one place.