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Whether you’re travelling to another city or going to the countryside for the weekend, packing essentials such as clothes, shoes, toiletries, and mobile phone chargers are crucial. But putting everything into the luggage may not be the smart thing to do as you might need some items handy or quickly available to you. Opening up the entire suitcase for something as basic as a charger will waste both time and effort, and carrying an extra but easily accessible carry-on like a travel tote bag is an excellent option.

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Travel Totes Buying Guide

Travel totes sometimes referred to as weekender bags, are bags that can be easily carried on your shoulder and have enough space to store everyday items and valuables. A travel tote is even great for a picnic or a day at the beach. Those who commute to the gym directly from work can use travel totes as a gym bag. You can put a travel tote bag to use in countless ways, but besides considering your requirement, you also need to keep several factors in check – and this guide will highlight all essential ones. 

Choose a High-Quality Travel Tote

Buying any travel bag is a long-term investment, making it crucial to choose one of premium quality and the same goes for travel totes. The first thing to consider is the material, and there are several mainstream options available to buyers, including nylon, mesh, canvas, and leather. Fabrics like mesh and nylon are ideal for the beach or outdoor use, whereas leather and canvas are suitable for travelling, especially for work travel. The zipper, buckle, and D-ring (if present) should be made of high-quality metal to withstand over time wear and tear.

Size and Capacity Make a Difference

A travel tote allows you to carry everything you need and more, but since there isn’t one standard size, buyers need to select one according to their needs. However, it is always better to go with one that has a large capacity and the maximum number of pockets and compartments. Besides one main pocket, the travel tote should have additional external or interior pockets to keep your essentials organised, while also making them easy to find. However, it is best to buy travel totes that are compact in size rather than bulky.

Other Features to Look For 

Travel tote bags are bound to get dirty over time, especially if you take it outdoors or use it frequently, which is why it is best to buy a travel tote that can be easily washed or even better, machine-washed. Comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps are a must for travel totes so they can be hung over the shoulder for long without discomfort. It is also crucial to choose a waterproof tote or one with a PVC case to keep valuables from damage.

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