Top 12 Tree Seeds

You need tree seeds to start or expand a garden. It can be very tempting to buy many varieties at once. However, you must exert some self-control and choose a few. That way, your trees and plants will survive and be healthy.

Tree Seeds Buying Guide

Gardening is a popular hobby. It is relaxing, refreshing, and eco-friendly. Watching the saplings you spent days nurturing grow into healthy, vigorous plants and trees is satisfying. Seeds and saplings are akin to babies and children for gardeners. And why not? They are lives in their own right. From walking and working amongst and in tall urban buildings all day, gardening provides a delightful break; the greenery feels like bliss to our eyes. Not only is it essentially beneficial for the environment, but it also helps us to reconnect with nature too. Every passionate gardener will find a packet of tree seeds exciting. The potential it holds! The lovely garden it could birth to! Admittedly, exerting discipline and not buying too many seeds is tough. However, don’t get carried away. If you are not careful with your tree seeds, you will end up harming your plants instead.

The soil of your area

Where do you live, and what kind of soil does your place have? All trees have different soil requirements. Trees that can grow let’s say, in coastal areas probably will not have an easy time sustaining themselves in a hilly region. No matter how much you tend to it, different trees are simply built to hold on to specific kinds of soil; it is not an ignorable factor. However, you can buy soil to meet plant-specific needs, even though it will be costlier and require higher maintenance.

How much space do you have?

What kind of tree seeds you choose to grow depends on how much space you can dedicate to your garden. If you plant too many trees in a small area, they will not receive enough nutrients and suffocate. Estimating how much room you have will help you to choose tree seeds. If you have little space, avoid growing pumpkins. If you have more enormous grounds, go in for larger trees like pine.

Disease-resistant seeds

Get varieties that are resistant to diseases; take precautions if you have already experienced a case of diseased trees or plants in your garden. Treating a diseased tree can be challenging; we can sometimes even fail to save them. Some brands screen their tree seeds for moisture, germination, appearance, clarity, and seed vigour. You can find GMO-free seeds too.