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A truss is a component used in large buildings when heavy lights or things are needed. They use half couplers in their application to hold things in place. If you are not aware of trussing, you have arrived at the right place to get your knowledge, so let us get started.

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There are so many things to look at when it comes to trussing. Even if you don't know anything about trussing, you will gain some light at this guide's end. Some of the critical things to consider are load-bearing capacity, hook aperture, size, material, rotation, and purpose.

Loading capacity of the trussing

As now you know what the use of trussing is, you have to focus more on the truss's load-bearing capacity. You cannot say all the trussing made out there can hold the same weight. Some are manufactured for light-heavy works that do not require that much load-bearing capacity. In contrast, some of the trussings are made for heavy-duty works requiring even a load-bearing of at least two hundred kilograms. So, keeping this in mind, decide on the load-bearing capacity of your trussing. It is not bad if you have high load-bearing for small tasks.

Hook aperture, aka pipe diameter of the trussing

Similar to trussing's load-bearing capacity, the pipe diameter is also an essential point to consider. It is very vital to know as this is where you will insert pipes in your trussing. The pipe diameter and hook aperture are the same but with different names. When you see different products with these two names on them alternately, please don't get confused thinking they are something you don't know.

What is the real purpose?

You must have one point in your mind clearly that trussing is not only used for heavy-duty applications. Even in small or less heavy applications, trussing is used. That is, examples like hanging multiple moving lights, hanging amplifiers, and many more. You don't have specific truss or half couplers for specific activities. However, if a product says not to use the trussing for some application, it is best to avoid it. It is because nobody likes risking everyone's life.

The size, material, and rotation

The size of the trussing differs according to the load-bearing capacity of the trussing. So, when making a purchase, try to look at the size of the trussing closely. The second last thing is the material. Trussing is mostly manufactured in aluminium. However, some light-heavy works involving less than fifteen kilograms are done with plastics. The final consideration is the rotation of the trussing. Some are 360degree rotating while some are not. If your application needs rotation, keep that in mind and then buy the right trussing.

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