Top 12 Tuning Keys & Wrenches

Specific string instruments like pianos and harps need an external agent to tune their strings around the tuning pins. Tuning keys and wrenches enable the user to tune their musical tools anytime and anywhere. There are special wrenches available based on the kind of instrument you wish to tune. Tuning keys are accessible as T-shaped and L-shaped.

Tuning Keys & Wrenches Buying Guide

People who use string instruments will understand how annoying it is when your strings get dislocated or loosen. You cannot tune the strings using your bare hands. One needs specialised tools to turn your string instrument brand-new. A tuning key or wrench serves this purpose.

A Peek into Tuning Keys and Wrenches Universe:

Tuning keys or wrenches are used for tuning string instruments like pianos, hammer dulcimers and harps, which come with strings encircled around tuning pins. A tuning key comes either in a triangular shape or star-shaped with eight sides. Larger tuning wrenches are used for pianos, while smaller ones are designed for other string instruments. Piano sockets come with mild tapering ends to accommodate tapered tuning keys.

Factors to Consider While Hunting for Tuning Keys:

You need a tuning key based on the kind of string instrument you use. There are separate tuning wrenches available for pianos and harps. The handle of the tuning pin is crafted from wood or nylon for a comfortable and firm grip. Specific tuning keys come without any extra covering of the handle. A tight socket enables the tuner to have an appropriate grasp over the tuning wrench.

 Primarily, tuning pin handles are available in L shape and T shape. L-shaped handles that do not have a 90-degree orientation gives better leverage than T-shaped tuning pin handles. T-shaped pins should be used for low tension instruments like harps and hammer dulcimers. Keys with a keyring hole will prevent you from losing your priceless gem. There are specific universal tuning keys also available that can be used for any string instrument.

Tune Your Tools Anytime, Anywhere:

Tuning keys are portable and durable. They are little structures that you can easily carry in your pocket and move from place to place. You can adjust an infinite number of string instruments as and when needed.