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Many elite gaming products that were once every child's fantasy, like 3DO consoles and TurboGrafx, go out of business before they become available to every person who wanted them. A situation like this has given rise to many people collecting such retro games to do justice to their childhood dreams, which makes Turbografx still very much a part of people's lives.

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Ordyne (TurboGrafx 16)

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TurboGrafx 16 Games Buying Guide

There was no single gaming shelf that was not stacked with the TurboGrafx-16 games during the old times. Buyers' biggest dilemma while investing in retro products is the lack of readily available information regarding the do's and don't's of that product. This dilemma makes the buyer prone to making decisions in haste and ending up with a product minus value for money. If the buyer does not want to compromise on their retro gaming collection, they need genuine information about TurboGrafx 16 games' details. This comprehensive buying guide addresses all the important points about TurboGrafx.

Fundamentals of TurboGrafx 16

TurboGrafx is also known as a PC engine, so buyers should not get confused with the terminology when they start their product search. These consoles come with configurations that make them compatible with USA Hu-cards, Japanese-Hu cards or both, so the buyer must decide which one is the most suitable for them. If the buyer needs to run CD games on the console, they must ensure that the console has an appropriate system card.

Getting acquainted with the various factors

If the buyer is a hardcore collector of retro games, they must know that there are many versions both from the USA and Japan of TurboGrafx. Some of them are Super Grafx, Core Grafx 1 and 2, PC Engine Duo RX and Duo R, Turbo Express and Turbo Duo. These versions have some unique features that the buyer should look up once if they are not satisfied with the basic version. Also, the prices of all these versions will not be standard as these items are not under productions anymore.

Product specifications of Grafx

It is essential that the buyer notices the following factors while buying a TurboGrafx- the AC adaptor with a minimum amperage of 730 mAh and a voltage of 10.5, a turbo pad controller, and an RF switch (official). However, the RF switch can also be purchased additionally if the console does not come with it as they are not rare to find.