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All electronic and electrical applications, regardless of their function, need a circuit protection device to protect them from dangers such as overcurrent, overvoltage, electrostatic discharge(ESD), power surges, and the like. Typically, an abnormal electrical power flow can cause that. A TVS diode; or a Transient Voltage Suppression diode is one such device that protects various applications, and this guide will help you in choosing the right one to safeguard yours.

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A transient voltage suppression diode functions by suppressing overvoltage spikes that may damage the electronic appliance's electric circuit. Overvoltage spikes are capable of potentially malfunctioning your appliance or cause safety hazards for people surrounding it. The TVS diode also interrupts overcurrent activities and diverts surges. These steps work towards enhancing the safety and durability of the application.

Before exploring options

Before looking for the perfect transient attenuator for your device, a thorough study on the origin and cause of the transients needs to be conducted. Transients refer to the brief voltage or current surges. They can be caused by the sudden release of any accumulated electrical energy in the electric circuit. Such surges could have an array of effects, from slight glitches to disastrous malfunctions. These transients may appear randomly like ESD activities or as recurrent surges. Weather, issues within the circuitry and many more may also generate them.After procuring substantial information concerning the causes of the transients, it is time to look for the transient voltage suppression diode you want. Many crucial aspects like circuit operating requirements, clamping voltage levels etc., need to be taken into consideration.

Circuit Operating Requirements

Exploring the circuit operating requirements of the electronic appliance is critical when looking for a protective device. Typically, TVS diodes can be used on computers, telecom, consumer electronics, equipment for industrial usage etc. Understanding the nature of the circuit, like the optimum ambient temperature, the threshold of steady-state voltage, electric current capacities of the circuit's electric load etc., is essential.

The role of clamping voltage

Voltage clamping contributes to curtailing the amplitude of the transient across a circuit to the ideal limit. Thus the diode will start conducting when the threshold of the voltage has been exceeded. The device will go back to the non-conducting mode when the voltage drops to the amount it is supposed to.

Peak impulse current

When selecting the transient suppressor, one must look for the maximum capacity of electric spikes it can take without malfunctioning. The device's peak impulse current capacity for the particular form of transients needs to be checked beforehand. It is a key determinant which if not considered, could end up being counterproductive.

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