Top 12 Under-Cabinet Lights

If your to-do still has the kitchen in it, you are probably lacking some aesthetic add-ons in your kitchen. Most of the ladies out there wish to have a fascinating and rich-looking kitchen in their home. But, they won't know how to set up one with just small changes.

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Under-Cabinet Lights Buying Guide

Have you heard about under-cabinet lights? If not, definitely this guide is for you to expand your knowledge on some essential kitchen décor. The under-cabinet lights are useful as a décor as well as necessary lighting for your daily needs. If you want bright lighting, opt for these lights.

Decide on the types of under-cabinet lights

You have an option of three types when it comes to under-cabinet lights. They are bar lights, puck lights, and tape lights. The bar lights resemble the regular tube lights that we use in our home. These lights are great for spreading light evenly, and you can get your customisations done in the length of the lights for your cabinets. The second type is the puck lights as they offer spotlight and are powered by LEDs. The last type is the tape lights similar to the ones that we use for home décor. It is thin and easy to install.

What do you want inside your lights?

You have to examine the type of bulb used in your under-cabinet lights. Generally, they are of three types LEDs, xenon lamps, and fluorescent lamps. The LED lights are long-lasting meaning that they are sustainable for years. These lights are available in various colours and tones. The xenon lamps are not that long-lasting than the other two, and they can be dimmed according to the lighting. On the other hand, the fluorescent lights are whiter in colour, and mostly they don't dim. So, choose your type of bulb appropriately depending on your need.

What are the additional features available?

The additional requirement you have to consider is the type of countertops. If they are glossy, you might have the problem of glaring, which you should check before buying. The second thing is the type of tone you want in your kitchen. If the entire kitchen is warm and your under-cabinet is cool, does that even make sense? So, choose the tone of your lights carefully.

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