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UV bulbs play a vital role when it comes to the sanity and security of living organisms. It can protect humans from danger-causing bacteria and germs from their cellular or DNA level. The UV bulbs are capable of killing these germs without causing any damage to humans and other animals.

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UV Bulbs Buying Guide

Since the science behind UV bulbs are highly knowledgable and intellectual, you have to sit and take your time in researching enough before making the actual purchase. We have written this guide to understand the terms and definitions more clearly and enough to buy your UV bulbs right.

The forms of UV bulbs

Before straightaway buying your UV bulbs, you have to decide what form you will buy your UV bulbs. UV bulbs are available as boxes, lamps, tube bulbs, wand, and more. You might be searching 'Buying guide for UV bulbs' on the internet, and you will be flooded with results confusing you. So, the better way to purchase your bulbs would be to pre-decide on the form of your bulb. It can be anything, and it solely depends on the application you will do with that.

The safety to us!

After you have decided on the form of bulb you will purchase, the second most important thing is to identify the bulb you will buy is safe to use or not. Manufacturers will keep the product only if it is usable and harmless. But you cannot solely rely on their words. If you have pets in your home, you have to ensure it is safe for your pets. You can ensure this by looking for reports or certificates from the manufacturers. Check if they are medical and food-safe as mostly UV bulbs find their use in those places.

The power and wavelength of bulbs

As I have said above, the bulbs are available in various types, so choosing the right one is vital. It implies the power system you will provide to the bulbs. Not all bulbs need the alternating current to work. Some needs direct current like batteries. So, consider checking this detail in the description of the product. The second thing is to check the wavelength of the bulbs. The UV bulbs use UV-C type of waves in their working, which typically is 253.7nm. It is advisable to buy bulbs within this range.

The lifetime of the bulb and humans!

If your life matters the most to you, make sure you buy your UV bulbs from trusted and professional manufacturers. Similarly, also check the lifetime of the bulb as how many hours maximum they can glow. For a maximum of two years, a UV bulb's warranty is good, and it doesn't exceed after that.

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