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Vanilla sugar is caster sugar infused with vanilla essence. It is added to desserts and drinks to give them a vanilla flavour and fragrance. Vanilla sugar is popularly used as an additional flavouring in vanilla-based desserts like vanilla ice cream and vanilla mixture. Its distinct flavour is versatile and fits into all desserts.

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Despite vanilla being a subtle flavour, it has dominated the desserts and confectionary industries worldwide. Vanilla flavoured desserts exist in virtually every bakery globally, and no confectioner will ever exclude vanilla flavoured ice creams or pastries from their menu. This silent flavour has such a firm grasp on everyone’s taste buds, which explains its ubiquity. The vanilla flavour can be added to every dessert easily using vanilla sugar. Vanilla sugar is an easy way to make ice creams richer in flavour and essence. Vanilla sugar is a staple in almost every ice cream parlour and bakery in the world.

Vanillin flavoured sugar

Certain countries do not have access to pure vanilla extract, making their access to vanilla flavour limited. A small workaround to this lack of vanilla extract is vanilla sugar. Vanilla sugar is made with easily available vanilla beans. These beans are crushed to a fine powder or semi-powder form and are infused with sugar to create vanilla sugar. The strong vanilla flavour found in the beans and the sweetness of caster sugar complements each other. Like wine, the older the vanilla sugar, the better because the chemicals in the beans take time to break down and release flavour.

Pure vanilla extracts

While vanilla flavoured caster sugar gives a near close resemblance to vanilla flavour, vanilla extract is the way to go if one seeks to add the most authentic vanilla flavouring. Vanilla extract is made from extracting the flavour from vanilla beans through complicated chemical processes. Although the vanilla smell from pure vanilla is strong and almost intense, it gives a very authentic flavour when used in desserts in controlled and limited proportions. The blended vanilla extracts are the purest form of vanilla and contain over 2000 parts per million of natural vanilla, a number unrivalled by other vanilla flavourings.

Raw vanilla beans

If one does not prefer to buy vanilla extracts or vanilla sugar, the best option would be to buy raw vanilla beans which is the purest form of vanilla. Since vanilla beans are the raw material for all flavouring, the beans can be used for making homemade vanilla extracts and sugar. Vanilla extract can be easily made by infusing the beans in alcohol, and vanilla sugar can be easily made by mixing vanilla beans with caster sugar. Vanilla beans are available in multiple variants, ranging from Tahitian beans, Mexican beans, French vanilla beans, Costa Rican beans, etc.

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