Top 12 Vegetable Plants

Growing vegetables at home can save money. Since the plants are grown by you, you will eat fresh, healthy vegetables at home. Planting and taking care of vegetable plants can also be considered a peaceful hobby. It is also fun and healthy to get fresh air and sunlight.

Vegetable Plants Buying Guide

Taking care of vegetable plants is a relatively easy yet complicated task. The plants should be watered regularly, pesticides and fertilisers should be added for healthy growth. The type of soil and the amount of sunlight the plants received should also be monitored from time to time. This guide provides necessary information on how vegetable gardening should be done and other valuable tips.

How to plant vegetable plants?

Gardening requires specific tools and materials. After collecting the required tools, choose the site where the plants are to be planted. Make sure the site receives plenty of sunlight and is near a water source. Use a shovel to prepare the soil. The seeds or plants go to this place. After placing the plant, cover it with soil and water them to let the plants settle in.

Small vegetable garden

If you live in a condo or have a limited amount of room, large containers or pots can grow the vegetable plant. Fill the pot with high-quality soil. Pots with drainage holes are preferred as it drains out excess water. If it is a large plant, grow one in a pot. If it is smaller, grow up to three plants per pot. Fertilisers and pesticides are a must. The pots are placed on the balcony, near a window, or in a location with enough sunlight.

Vegetable plant recommendations

Tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, eggplants, peas are some common vegetable plants planted in houses. These plants are also used for consumption, which is why they are popular vegetable plants. Spinach varieties can also be planted. Garlic and scallions are grown by planting garlic cloves and onion bulbs deep in the soil. Lettuce, basil, and medicinal herbs are other leafy vegetables that can be grown quickly at home.

Tips for a healthy vegetable garden

Most organic soils contain enough nutrients, yet adding fertilisers can boost plant growth. Pests are naturally attracted to plants. Unlike typical plants, vegetable plants are grown for consumption. So, the pesticides should be labelled safe and non-toxic. The plants should be watered regularly. Water the plants in the late afternoon or evening. Only the roots should be soaked. Too much water on leaves can cause fungal diseases on the plant, which may deter plant growth.

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