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Music brings fun along with peace and harmony to life. Thus, musical instruments got introduced in diversified forms to produce various sounds and tones for discrete purposes. And String instruments are one of them. Precisely, Violas & Violin are the ones that touch the heart!

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Violas Buying Guide

Generally, players consider different Violas throughout their learning journey. And, several factors need considerable attention from the buyers who are looking for a perfect Viola. This comprehensive guide will give an insight into the selection sphere of the Violas.

Evaluate the Player strengths

The player level is a factor that needs the foremost contemplation of any prospective buyer. There are different violas for discrete players. So, the player should choose the Viola matching his music level. Although, an instrument with slightly above level also brings good scope for improvement and growth to the violinist. One should also pay equal attention to the height and arm length of the player before purchasing any Viola. The typically smallest sized Viola ranges between 12-13 inches in length. This size is suitable for small & young students. In contrast, adults prefer to have a Viola with 15.5-16.5 inches of length.

The classification of Violas

Generally, Violas have a unique classification based on the learning stage of the player. It may include Student Violas, Intermediate to advanced level Violas, and Violas for Professionals. Student violas work well for amateur musicians. Usually, the beginners consistently work on the basic principles of playing, bowing, production, tone, fingering, etc. Intermediate Violas produces much better sound with more projection than the Student Violas. Contrarily, Professional violas exhibit broad dynamics and melodious enriched tone. These violas have a robust construction from the finest quality of wood.

The sound quality of the Viola

Violas have a dark and mellow sound than violins. A good viola should have a projection in an orchestra setting. One must ensure that all four strings have a coherent sound quality before purchasing any Viola. Moreover, the shorter string seems to be comfortable while playing the instrument. But, the longer voila strings might add a slightly stronger playing power.

Buying or Renting the Viola

One thing that might turn out as a dilemma for many individuals is whether a viola should be bought or rented. Indeed, the cost factor can highly influence this buying decision. As violas are slightly bigger and with the growing age of kids, the required size of the Viola instrument also changes simultaneously. Henceforth, getting a Violas at premium prices might not be productive for young kids and beginners. It will be far better to rent a suitable-sized Viola at the initial stage. And after having proper training & experience, one can proceed to buy an exclusive Viola for them.

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