Top 12 Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers help cut the extra grasses that make your lawn look ugly. It is also uncomfortable to walk sometimes. You might not know what danger awaits you in the form of insects down there. So, it is better to cut down extra grass with a lawnmower. This guide will help you.

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Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers Buying Guide

A walk-behind lawnmower is handy when it comes to different domain areas. It might become difficult for you to use a self-propelled lawnmower in mountainy areas. But, with a walk-behind lawnmower, this problem can be solved. Well, then what to consider when purchasing a walk-behind lawnmower? Read this guide to know more.

How do you want to start?

The walk-behind lawnmowers are available in two start modes: battery-powered, aka electric, or gas or oil start, aka the one with the cord. Both of these are helpful but may vary in their working and efficiency. A battery-powered lawnmower is efficient when you do it for a large lawn with multiple starts and stops. It has lithium-ion batteries to them, which makes it more effective. A gas or oil-powered lawnmower has cords in it. You have to pull them every time you start the mower. It can be hectic for frequent starts and stops. It is your choice to select!

Examine the type of walk-behind lawnmower

When it comes to walk-behind lawnmowers, there are two types; push mowers and self-propelled mowers. A push mower does not have any power or electricity to the front wheels. They work on the pressure of our hands. This is great when we are mowing flatlands. On the other hand, the self-propelled mowers have the power either to their front wheel or to their rear wheel. It is noted that front wheel mowers may lose track on slopes.

Look for the brake system and other technical aspects

If you are using a small mower, you have to empty the trash bag frequently to collect grass. So, whenever you do this, you will have a problem with restarting the mower. To avoid wasting time to restart every time, you have to test the brake system. A BBC or BOS will not stop in between the mower when you put the trash. Other aspects include the size. Did you find this guide helpful?