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As a part of one of the popularly-used accented lighting fixtures, spotlights serve numerous purposes. However, there’s a lot more to it when it comes to buying spotlights. From beam angles, fitting, light colour, and temperature to its intensity, there are many factors one has to consider.

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Wall Spotlights Buying Guide

Wall spotlights are one of the widely-used illuminating systems for lighting décor. Apart from being a fashionable piece of décor item, wall spotlights are also highly useful for increasing an area’s security. Usually equipped with a single bulb, spotlights allow one to direct light towards a specific part of a room. However, the number of factors one should be aware of makes it tricky to choose a particular wall spotlight. The following guide aims to present a list of essential features one can look at before purchasing wall spotlights, making it more convenient for the buyers.

Beam Angle Of The Spotlight

The beam angle of a spotlight determines the range of areas it can illuminate. A narrow beam angle of 20°-40° is perfect for highlighting specific objects or areas in a room. A wider beam angle is best-suited for general lighting of the hallways, open rooms, and larger home areas. One can even find wall spotlights that are highly flexible and can rotate up to 360°. Such features are ideal for meeting the various lighting requirements of people.

LED Vs. Halogen

The two most commonly-used light sources in a wall spotlight are LED and halogen. Halogen wall spotlights are relatively cheaper than the LED models. Their build is similar to the old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs in terms of colour and intensity. But, the downside of using LEDs is that they only last for about two years. On the other hand, LED spotlights can last for many years, along with an efficient light and colour quality. It might be a bit expensive to purchase LED wall spotlights, but they are highly effective and cheaper in the long run.

Additional Features To Look At

Spotlights are also available in a wide range of designs and styles to match a room’s interior décor. From classic, vintage-themed brass spotlights to stylishly-modern ones, the options are unlimited. Modern spotlights are also available with in-built remote-controlled features, allowing individuals to manage the light from their fingertips. Hence, it offers both convenience and quality in a single product.

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