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Waste management begins at a small-scale level for appropriate handling and disposal. A dustbin is a fundamental need to start your cleanliness venture. There are various kinds of dustbins available, ranging from mesh ones to cover-lid trash cans. Caddies are used for food decomposition and conversion to manure. Colour-coded trash cans can be used to segregate wet and dry waste.

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Waste management begins at home. Everyone should take an effort towards segregating waste and disposing of it the right way. A primary requirement for waste management is a dustbin to collect all the trash and send it for further processing.

All Regarding Waste and Its Kinds:

Waste is any discarded and unwanted stuff that you no longer wish to use. Domestic waste generated is mainly of two types dry and wet. Dry waste includes paper, plastic, metal and substances that can be sent for recycling. On the contrary, wet waste includes kitchen waste like food remains, vegetable and fruit peels and other elements that can form substantial manure for plant growth.

Ideal Waste Disposal and Management:

The best practice is to segregate dry and wet waste before disposal. To achieve this conduct, you need two dustbins in the home and designate each bin for a specific kind of garbage. Dustbins with a lid and paddle are better than open ones, as they don't attract flies and insects in your house. Bathrooms should have a separate bin to collect tissue papers and sanitary napkins. Food waste caddies with odour filters trap stint generated from spoilt food. Food caddies are portable.Insert garbage bags in your trash cans for mess-free disposal of waste. There are mesh trash cans also available to collect dry waste. Compostable bags are great for collecting wet waste and using them for manure production. Garbage bag holders keep the bin liners in place by firmly adhering themselves to the trash can's outer surface. Colour coded trash bins ease out the process of segregating dry and wet waste.

Our Moral Duty:

Mixing dry and wet waste causes hindrance in waste management. Plastic, when fused with wet waste, will not decompose and result in soil fertility degradation. Biodegradable waste can manufacture potent manure to flourish plants and nurture nature.