Top 12 Water Pistols

Playing with water pistols is an entertaining way to spend your summers. You get to be active and cool down with water at the same time. Since children primarily use them, consider a few aspects before buying one for your kid.

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Water Pistols Buying Guide

Summer is here. The days are hot, and the afternoons long. The children tend to get restless. Summer vacations, though long-awaited for, get boring. Let them pass their days playing water games. Throwing water balloons at each other or chasing one another with the hose – haven't we all been there ourselves? Kids love to play with water pistols. Pretending to be police officers or play-fighting will keep them busy for hours while you take a break. It's just water, and nobody gets hurt, the children are happy – could you ask for more? However, that is not to say adults can't play with water pistols; they indeed can. You can use them to drive the neighbour's cat away too. It's an amusing win-win for everyone.

What is it built of?

Anything that children will use should be built with care. Children are careless and constantly distracted. The smaller ones tend to suck on everything they get. The material used to construct the water pistol must be safe and hygienic. It must be free from toxic substances like BPA. ABS plastic and soft foam are good choices. The material should be durable. Try to opt for eco-friendly ones. The pistols should be soft to hold and not have any sharp edges that can hurt anybody. It's beneficial if the pistol is lightweight enough to float in water.  The children can then use it in the pool.

Capacity and range

The larger the pistol's capacity is, the less will the children need to refill the water tank. A longer range will let you shoot at someone from a longer distance. Hence, look for water pistols with larger water-holding capacities and longer ranges. You can find water pistols that have a capacity of up to 1200 ml. Water pistols can shoot up to 30 feet.

Easy to play

This is a kid's toy. Why make it complex? Look for a water pistol that has an uncomplicated design. The kids should find it easy to use. The tank should be easy to fill and use. The pistol should not be heavy. A toddler should be able to use the water pistol independently. The water pistols should be brightly coloured and cute, and fun to look at. It will interest the children more and make it easy to find if it gets lost in the pool.