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The weathervane is a simple device used for indicating the direction where the wind blows. Before the invention of modern technology, people tend to check the weather with the help of weathervanes. Is weathervane that important? Yes, weathervanes help to show the direction of the wind, which helped farmers predict the weather.

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Weathervanes are made of heavy metals such as iron and bronze. They are seen to be placed on top of houses. In farms, weathervanes are placed on top of the fence. When the wind blows, the weathervane turns. That's how simple the working of weathervane is. The history and types of weathervanes are discussed in this guide.

Appearance of weathervanes

The weathervane consists of arrows, direction arrows labelled with North, East, West and South directions; this makes it easier for the viewer to know how the wind blows. On top of arrows, rooster, horse and pigeons are used. Roosters are the common ones seen on top of weathervanes, and this is associated with the Chinese tradition, which means victory of light. It also means blessings are coming in your way.

Types of weathervanes

Classic weathervanes, windsocks and digital weathervanes are the different types of weathervanes. The classic one consists of arrows that indicate the direction of the wind. In airport runways, weathervanes with the sock on top can be seen. They do not indicate the direction but the strength of the wind, which helps the pilot in adjusting the landing and taking off. Digital windvanes come with a digital device that shows the pressure, temperature, humidity and speed of the wind.

Uses of weathervanes

In case the weather is too severe, that you have to move out of the place. The weathervanes can alert you on the direction the strong winds are blowing, making it easier for you to move somewhere safe. It also helps you know the condition of the weather beforehand. Thus, the owner can prepare to eliminate the possible danger. Weathervanes with long socks are seen on the aeroplane runway, and this is to signal the pilot on the wind strength.

Why are weathervanes still used?

Weathervanes show the direction of the wind, that's all.  Weathervanes are not reliable since modern technologies offer more than giving the direction of winds. Speed, pressure and the forthcoming weather can be easily known from installing the app on mobile, so why weathervanes are preferred still? Weathervanes are used as an attractive outdoor décor. It provides an antique look and improves the overall aesthetic.

Do weathervanes attract lighting?

Like antennas, weathervanes are made of thin steel rods. Does that mean it attract lightning? No, weathervanes are not antennas, so they do not attract lightning. If you're afraid of any possible lightning accident, install lightning protection around the weathervane.