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Only lawn lovers and people responsible for maintaining them know how challenging it is to remove the unwanted weeds within your beautiful lush grasses. To make the process of removing these weeds a lot easier for yourself, you can consider buying some appropriate weed killers. Read this buying guide on weed killers for more information.

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Weed Killers Buying Guide

If you intend to improve your garden’s aesthetics, then getting a good weed killer can help your cause. Weed killers contain chemicals that build resistance against the growing weeds, which stops them from growing. One can remove the flowering weeds by the handpicking method, but preventing them from growing in the first place is the best thing you can do. A herbicide will stop weeds from robbing your sweet grasses and other plants of nutrition.

Types of weed killers you can buy

All herbicides are not the same. Pre-emergent weed killers will stop the weeds from growing; the weeds won’t show up on your lawn’s ground. People use post-emergent herbicides to remove weeds after they are visible on the soil. Some selective weed killers eliminate only specific types of weeds without harming other plants and grasses; non-selective ones can destroy the whole lawn. Systemic herbicides kill the plants from its root as it makes them absorb them.

Organic vs inorganic weed killers

Picking between organic and inorganic weed killer is mostly a personal preference. Organic weed killers are better as manufacturers produce them using natural ingredients; therefore, they don’t harm the environment. If you have children and pets who love to play and roam around in the garden, then organic herbicides are a safer option for you. The price of organic weed killers is slightly higher than that of inorganic herbicides. The inorganic herbicides are more effective and powerful.

Chemical compounds and area coverage of weed killers

Weedkiller contains various compounds that restrict unwanted weeds from growing. 2,4-D is a selective compound that people use against lawn weeds. Glyphosate and atrazine are other common chemical compounds present in a good quality herbicide. Weed killers are so concentrated that they come in minimal packaging; one must dilute it first with water in a ratio that a particular company suggests. A good weed killer should cover a large area.