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Some people might not believe so at first, but wheelbarrows have been in existence since the first century AD. A wheelbarrow is typically a wide and spacious container with one built-in wheel used to carry heavy loads of anything from debris and rocks to sand and more such goods. However, some modern & newer versions of wheelbarrows come with two (or more) wheels, unlike the traditional design. Wheelbarrows are widely and most prevalently used in large and small-scale building & construction sites and are also considered an efficient gardening tool.

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Wheelbarrows Buying Guide

The reason behind a wheelbarrow’s odd one-wheel design is that it helps distribute the load better and evenly without causing the carrier too much trouble. Even though you can purchase two or three-wheel wheelbarrows – the traditional style offers excellent manoeuvrability, even on watery, rocky, and uneven surfaces. A wheelbarrow is a great investment and gift for anyone who loves gardening to store heavy tools conveniently. Moreover, it isn’t something that eventually goes to waste and can come in handy when least expected. But first, it is crucial to keep some factors in view that this detailed buying guide will cover.

The Foremost Factor: Durable Construction

Since a wheelbarrow is used to carry heavy items and loads, it goes without saying that it must have a durable construction. Wheelbarrows are made with all kinds of materials, out of which metal, steel, and plastic are most common. Although all three are suitable for the wheelbarrow’s hopper/container, the frame should only be made with heavy-duty steel or metal. Some wheelbarrows are constructed with galvanised materials, which are much stronger, robust, and sturdy – something buyers should consider. If choosing plastic wheelbarrows, ensure the plastic is of premium quality and has excellent wear-resistance.

Check the Size and Load Capacity

Wheelbarrows come in several different sizes – and while some are compact and lightweight, others are bulky and heavy-duty. So, buyers need to start by choosing an appropriate size that best serves their purpose or requirement by checking the dimensions thoroughly. Similarly, one has to check the wheelbarrow’s load capacity, and it can be anywhere between 80 to 200 kilograms – but the more weight it can hold, the better. However, if you need a wheelbarrow for heavy construction work, such as carrying bricks, it would be best to steer clear of ones made with plastic despite the load capacity.

More Factors Buyers Must Review

The wheelbarrow’s handle must have ergonomically designed & shaped grips on the end to make it easier and more comfortable to move around the cart. Buyers should ensure the wheelbarrow is lightweight, as, with the extra load, it can get be harder to manoeuvre. Although most wheelbarrows come pre-installed, some might require additional assembly; something buyers should check beforehand to avoid last-minute returns & replacements. Also, it is best to read reviews and feedback provided by other customers for extra surety.

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