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Sugar is added to almost every beverage and baked goods to increase the sweetness. If you're a beginner at cooking or stepping into the kitchen for the first time, you might not know that there are various types of sugar, providing different tastes and health benefits. White sugar is one of the commonly used ones.

White Sugar Buying Guide

It is a known fact that sugar is extracted from sugarcane. White sugar is available in crystallised and powdered forms. The powdered white sugar is known as confectioner's sugar. Likewise, there are varieties of sugar available. Sugar adds a sweet flavour to the food and is also added for chemical reactions in bakery goods. In this guide, the buyer can get to know more about white sugar.

Different varieties of White Sugar

White sugar comes in different sizes and compositions. The ones we use in our everyday life is known as granulated sugar or table sugar. Table sugar is readily available. They dissolve easily in liquids, beverages etc. Caster sugar is slightly smaller than white sugar, and it is used to make mousses, custards etc. Confectioner's sugar is fine powdered. They are preferred in making cakes, cookies, icings since they dissolve almost instantly. Sugar cubes are regular white sugar lumped in sugar cubes forms. They are usually added to hot beverages like tea and coffee. Pearl sugar is used to decorate desserts, and they are slightly smaller in size than table sugar.

Myths and Health benefits of White Sugar

Sugar is used in almost every food. From sauces to beverages, everything contains a certain amount of sugar. A teaspoon of sugar consists of 5 grams of carbohydrates and about 20 calories. According to studies, sugar is not essentially a healthy food, but it is not harmful either. It is well known for giving you more energy and lowering your blood pressure. Sugar should only be consumed in moderation. Obesity can result from overeating.

Sugar as an ingredient

Sugar is mostly used to add sweet flavours in desserts, bakery delights and beverages. Not only that, sugar with yeast is added to bread recipes. It is to speed up the action of yeast. Sugar also is the reason why bakery goods are soft and delectable to eat. Caramels are made by heating sugar on a saucepan, which makes them caramelise.

Storing White Sugar

Sugar should always be kept in an airtight container; it can easily absorb moisture from the air, causing it to become sticky and form lumps. Also, keeping it in sealed containers can keep away ants. The containers should not be kept in the refrigerator. They should be kept in a dry place. Sugar doesn't have an expiration date; it can be stored for a longer time. Just make sure they are pest-free and moisture-free.

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