Top 12 Wii U Consoles, Games & Accessories

Gaming consoles have seen a sharp rise in sales over the years due to their portable form factor and ease of use. One of the popular consoles today is a Wii U. The Nintendo Wii is an intuitive and animated approach to gaming. Thus, comes the market for accessories and games.

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Wii U Consoles, Games & Accessories Buying Guide

Wii U is known for its simple yet engaging games and UI. The console encompasses games that are played with specialised controllers. The controllers track the movement of the player and provide graphical feedback. The concept of an animated and agile console made it popular among all age groups. Therefore, many 3rd party accessories and games came into the picture. This buying guide will help the amateur buyer navigate between the different buying choices.

So Many Accessories To Choose From

The popularity of the console gave rise to several accessories for playing a variety of games. The buyer can find accessories that depict the movement of their on-screen player. The most common in-game accessories that the buyer could find are a steering wheel, nunchucks, etc. The accessories are an integral part of the experience that the console provides. The buyer can use these accessories to truly feel the game that they're playing. One effective way of shortlisting the accessories would be to verify their importance in the game. 

Video Game Selection Galore!

It is not uncommon for 3rd party developers to develop games for consoles that have a massive following. The Wii U, however, witnessed a surge in users with diverse age groups. Hence, the buyer can find a wide variety of games for different moods and genres. One can find games that suit their requirement without any hassle, be it educational or just a casual racing game. 

The Wii U Consoles

The console does the heavy lifting in the gameplay and therefore is the chief component. A gaming console can be found in variations depending on the storage options and the games shipped. It is generally recommended for the buyer to invest in a higher storage model to run all the games they buy in the future without any hassle.