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Imagine you surf on the internet about wind sculptures, and nobody tells you about it, well, you have arrived at the right place to know more about them. Wind sculptures are also known as kinetic sculptures, which came into existence in the 19th century. Let's dive in profoundly!

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Wind Sculptures Buying Guide

Wind sculptures or kinetic sculptures are a form of artwork that involves using any material. It works only by the movement of the elements present, which moves with the direction of airflow. You can choose wind sculptures from various products available out there.

Materials used plays a windy role

The materials used for making wind sculptures play a vital role in the wind sculptures' movement and aesthetics. If your wind sculptures are of heavy material, they might not move, or the motion would be complicated. Similarly, if your wind sculptures are of fragile material, then they might be moving endlessly. So, selecting the material and finish is highly important. Copper is the most preferred material for wind sculptures. Other than this, brass is considerable. If you can't find anything preferable with these two metals, then you can choose the one with any metal of your choice.

How long should your wind sculpture live?

If you want your wind sculpture to live longer than the usual lifespan, then you have to look for proper coatings in your wind sculptures. Make sure it has powder coatings, which can resist any weather and situations. As mentioned above, metals like copper and brass are highly weather-proof. The powder coating also prevents wind sculptures from corrosion.

Choose over the hundreds of design

As you may know, there are plenty of designs available in the market. But, choosing the one that you merely like won't do good. Make sure to consider the background details and aesthetics. Try to cover the wind sculptures that go well with the garden theme or the area you will employ. After speaking about the design, we move to the other important factor, size. Yes, wind sculptures come in various sizes. Remember, if the budget is one of your concerns, you must look deeply into the size and design. You can sometimes find giant sculptures within your budget too.