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As the name suggests, wire rope clips are tiny metal clips whose primary function is to lift wire ropes attached to load. Indisputably vital in the hardware industry where pulling and lifting is required, these rigging components are versatile that do several other tasks. This guide will help you understand the many uses of wire rope clips and how to buy them catering to your needs.

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Wire Rope Clips Buying Guide

Also called a wire rope clamps or just clamps, wire rope clips are most prominently used in forming a load-bearing eye at the edge of a wire rope or a cable, or to fasten two cable lines together.

The all-in-all tool

Besides rigging, clamps are required in security systems like a garage door, fencing, guardrail, anchoring etc. An inevitable piece in marine and building construction, they are seen in everyday instances like laundry lines, hanging lights, shade sails, or peculiar contexts like flag hoisting, tent fixing, etc.

The types and uses

Wire rope clips mainly come in two types: the U-bolt clips that consist of a U bolt, a bridge and two hex nuts, or the double saddle wire rope clip consisting of two saddles each with an irremovable leg and two nuts. The choice depends on the desired function of the user. The former is more heavy-duty and require much more careful installation. Regardless of their form and use, they are usually made of stainless steel and must be galvanised to resist any potential corrosion as they are mostly used outdoors. Zinc plating is widely applied for the purpose.

How to choose?

The general rule is that wire rope clips need to be compatible with the ropes you will use it with. The applicable rope diameter is hence the most critical aspect to look at before the purchase.

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