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Ballet flats have no heel and are primarily worn by women when practising or performing ballet. However, nowadays, ballet flats are worn for everyday use for both casual and formal purposes. A unique feature of ballet flats is their tendency to almost stick to the foot, providing a solid grip.

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Women's Ballet Flats & Pumps Buying Guide

One of the significant factors everyone looks for in a show is how well they hold on to the feet and grip the ground. While everyone looks for frivolous things like colour, design and shape when purchasing new shoes, they forget the essential things like grip and sturdiness. Ballet flats are excellent for ballet dancing and even more so for everyday formal and casual use. Since ballet flats and bumps are a kind of minimalistic footwear, these are great options for those who do not have a propensity for ostentatious aesthetics in their shoes.

How to identify authentic ballet flats?

There are many shoes in the market shaped like ballet flats but are not ballet flats. Wearing inauthentic ballet flats may cause harm to the knees and hamstrings when used for a long time. Hence, before buying ballet flats, the buyers must ensure they are made of quality canvas or leather, have ribbons and are pointed at the toes at the right angle. Polyester flats are not the best quality since they are more susceptible to wear and tear.

Canvas or leather, which is better?

Wommen’s ballet flats come in both canvas and leather varieties. While both flats are equally popular and excellent choices, both have certain advantages that the other one does not. For instance, canvas tends to adjust as per the foot size, whereas leather shoes are more rigid. However, on the flip side, leather shoes last much longer than their canvas counterparts. While canvas shoes are better at absorbing sweat, the leather shoes offer better grip and traction. The final choice ultimately depends on the buyer’s preferences and expectations from the shoe.

Choosing the correct sole type

The sole is the most important part of the shoe because it is in direct contact with the shoe. If the wrong shoe sole type is chosen, it can lead to inflammation in the feet region. Flats and bumps sole types can be both full-sole and split-sole. Split-soles allow better flexibility of the foot and make walking more comfortable than the full sole shoes.

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