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Bikini bottoms can be ordered online, which opens up a world of possibilities that may better represent the body, budget, and style preferences. Purchasing a bottom without putting it on first, on the other side, creates all sorts of difficulties: depending on a size chart to get the correct fit, taking chances on a new cut, and skipping the hand sensation.

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Women's Bikini Bottoms Buying Guide

A bikini is a two-piece swimwear for women that has two fabric triangles on top that contain the breasts and two fabric triangles on the lower part: the front enclosing the pelvis but revealing the belly, and the rear concealing the hips. Here is all the insider knowledge you'll need to feel comfortable ordering the next pair of bottoms from the comfort of your own home.

Design features you can’t miss

Consider what activities you'll engage in while wearing the bikini bottoms. Tie fastenings may not be the most pleasant option while lying on the back if you're the kind to relax all day. While, if you prefer water sports, leg holes with no-slip grips will keep the outfit in place. Adjustable components can also aid in achieving a bespoke fit. Consider the features you dislike in a swimming suit and proceed from there. The suit may be tailored to your size thanks to a versatile tie-back fastening.


One should be confident in their bikini because it is a highly revealing clothing. When a bikini is suitable for you, it immediately captures your attention, and you can gaze in the mirror and feel pleased and comfortable in it. For various women, comfort and confidence in a bikini might mean something different. For some, forgetting they're wearing a bikini allows them to live in the present and not worry about anything. Others, on the other hand, prefer to wear anything which makes them happy.

Value & Durability

You'll want to be sure the bikini bottom can withstand washing and multiple usages in the beach or pool. When it comes to money, though, you should only buy what you can handle. Don't spend a fortune on an attractive bikini bottom. Some brands are just more expensive due to their brand name. When it comes to excellent bikini bottom, check the stitching, elasticity, and tightness – all of these must feel secure and tidy.

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