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As soon as summer starts, the demand for swimwear goes up. Shopping for beach clothes is more challenging than shopping for other kinds of lingerie as the outfit should match the vibe of the beach and the season. Women’s bikini tops are one of the essential items to get in the bucket so that the buyer enters the summer season with full excitement.

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Women's Bikini Tops Buying Guide

Bikinis are the superstar of the sunshine season, but selecting one is more than just looking at the wow factor. Every woman wants a swimsuit that flatters her body the best but unfortunately ends up buying the product that does the opposite. This happens because there are always some factors that are overlooked by the buyers as they do not do proper research before investing. This buying guide helps the buyer take a leap into the summer season with a bikini top that compliments their style the best.

Selecting the right cup

There are many different and beautiful styles to choose from when buying a bikini top. Every buyer has different needs from their swimwear. If the buyer wants to highlight the chest shape and cleavage, they should go for tri or moulded tops with detailing and greatly benefit those with smaller cup sizes. Halter necks and classic bandeaus are fawned on by buyers with B-C cup sizes as they do not have to worry about strap marks with these tops. Bikini tops with high-neck styles and under-wiring provide proper coverage and support to the chest area and are extensively loved by the buyers with D cups.

An option that elevates the style

Darker colours like French Blue, Olive or Indigo are less harsh on pale skin as compared to colours like black and will give an elite, sophisticated and chic look to the buyer. Bright colours and warm tones like white and shades of neon are loved by those with tanned skins and dark hair. Reds, Oranges, and shades of Golden are also colours that will give beachy summer vibes to the buyer.

Highlight the body!

If the buyer wants to highlight their legs, they should select high-neck and cut-out tops as they help shift the focus on the legs. Printed or ruching bikini tops with plunging necklines should be chosen by the buyer if they want to highlight their chest area.  The buyer can also choose bikini tops with splicings, ties, and straps and pair it with bottoms that have mouldings if they need a curve on their waist.

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