Top 12 Women's Charm & Bead Carriers

Charms and beads are tiny pendant-like jewellery pieces that give a delicate and feminine appeal to your outfit. Charm and bead carriers are great for inserting a charm into it and rocking a gorgeous look. Carriers are available as metal and string-based. You can either opt for a simple holder or an embellished one.

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Women's Charm & Bead Carriers Buying Guide

Jewellery is essential in any women's wardrobe. With the right jewellery type, you can surely impress the fashion police. Little dangling beads look delicate and feminine. Bracelets and necklaces with cute and sensitive pearls and diamonds hanging at the bottom look adorable and eye-catchy.

What are Charms and Beads?

Charms are little sized pendants that one can wear along with a bracelet or a neckpiece. You can flaunt multiple charms using a single carrier. On the other hand, Beads are hollowed pearl pieces that make their way into the carrier string. Charms are made from gold, silver, stainless-stain and even plastic.

The Delicacy of a Charm Carrier:

The carrier that you go for should be as per the weight of the charm or bead. It is best to not go for a very thick carrier as it may ruin the delicacy of your pendant or bead. The carrier material should be the same as the material used for crafting the charm. Adjustable charm holders are great for everyone—carriers with attached charms and beads as also available.

Charm carriers made from strings as also available in the market. They come in various colours with some other embellishments attached. The holder comes with a region to locate the pendant and a sector to open and close it. Carriers are mainly of two types: simple and with embellishments. The simple carrier is a chain-based holder, while the embellished one is attached with other decorations beforehand. Decorated holders can be worn all by themselves without the need to attach a separate charm.

Flaunt Those Beads the Right Way:

Accessories modify and sharpen your overall look. Your hands and necks require specific delicate danglers to hang and create some magic. Jewellery like charms and beads are tiny beings yet useful enough for leaving a feminine mark. With charm holders, you get to wear your personalised charms.