Top 12 Women's Country Boots

Women’s country boots are country-style boots that are designed for women. One of the most defining features of the boot is its height and vintage design. While most high-end boots are made of pure leather, the more affordable ones are either rubber or plastic but don’t compromise the original country look.

Women's Country Boots Buying Guide

Boots automatically add finesse and class to the wearer’s overall appearance and style. Country boots are always successful in giving the final country touch to the apparel, thereby completing the overall look. While men’s boots tend to be uniform and the same, the design options and boot styles exist in a large variety of women’s boots. Moreover, boots are versatile because they are suitable for both formal and casual environments.

Real vs synthetic boots

One of the first considerations typically made by boot buyers is the right choice of boot material. Women’s country boots are made of both real leather, synthetic leather, rubber, and plastic. The choice depends mostly on whether the shoes are purchased for aesthetic clothing meant for special occasions or casual, practical daily use. If the former is the case, then real leather boots are suitable, and for the latter case, synthetic materials are better suited. However, genuine leather boots are preferred by many because although they are expensive, they are long-lasting and can be used for many years to come.

Toe shape considerations

Although country boots are worn for the authentic country look, comfort should never be compromised when buying these boots. A significant determiner of comfort is the correct toe shape. Boot toe shapes can be pointed, round, or square-shaped. Those with narrower toes can opt for either of the three shapes. Those with broader feet generally feel more comfortable in round-tipped or square-tipped shoes. For horse-riding purposes, pointed-toe boots are better since they fit easily into the stirrups.

What is the correct heel height?

Boots can have both flat soles with short heels or soles with high heels. While personal preferences play a larger role in selecting the correct heel height, other factors should also be considered. One such factor is height. Taller women prefer to have flat heels, whereas shorter women tend to prefer high heel boots. For tap dancing, flat-heel boots are better since the additional surface area provides a crisper sound than the high-heel boots. High heel boots are an excellent choice for horse-riding since high-heel boots secure themselves more firmly in the stirrups than the flat-heel ones.

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