Top 12 Women's Sports Bras

Owning the right kind of sports bra can make a significant difference for any woman. A sports bra suits almost any type of vigorous activity while providing valuable support based on the intensity of the action. Apart from the size, a range of other factors determine the final purchase of a sports bra.

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Women's Sports Bras Buying Guide

When it comes to sports bras, a woman has an extensive range of options available to choose. It is quite essential to pick out the right sports bra as the wrong one could lead to several problems. A wrong-fitted sports bra could most commonly lead to soreness, pain, chafing, and even minor soft-tissue damage. Hence, one should adequately consider the essential factors before buying a sports bra. The following comprehensive guide aims to include all the necessary characteristics and details one might need to know before purchasing a sports bra.

The Most Important Factor: Size

The whole comfort factor depends on the correct size of a bra. One must be aware of the ribcage's accurate measurements and the bust to determine the sports bra’s right cup size. After a long time, it is necessary to remember that the cup size does not always remain the same while buying sports bras. Body changes like weight loss/gain, pregnancy, ageing, etc., hugely affect the bra size throughout life.

Fabric Also Matters

The material used in making sports bras is another important factor one must always look at. Highly-breathable materials are still in demand, especially for high-intensity exercises. Fabrics like nylon are prevalent for providing extreme smoothness, comfortability, etc., with no irritating wires or hooks. Most synthetic materials are also extra durable, therefore being economical in the long run.

The Level of the Bra Support

Numerous manufacturing companies list out the types of sports bras based on the impact level of activities. Generally, low-impact activities like walking or yoga do not require much support. Hence, they are ideal for A/B cup size that provides less support. Similarly, high-impact exercises like running or workouts require bras to offer high support and better perspiration wicking. In the end, it's all about the personal preferences of a woman that should determine the final choice.