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For most women, Sports shorts have become their top-most preference among the clothing section. Indubitably, they have eliminated the struggles associated with the tight lowers and pants to a significant extent. Indeed, sports shorts are suitable for various activities, including dance, yoga, running, jogging, cycling, hiking, fitness, gym, workout, Pilates, Aerobics, or other exercises.

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Women's Sports Shorts Buying Guide

Sports shorts bring a smooth and secure fit to women. Women can wear sports shorts with any casual shirt, tankini tops, sports bra, crop tops, vest, tunic tops, and jackets. All these combinations give a cool and trendy look. This article will assist prospective buyers in choosing a pair of shorts.

Good fabric is an essential criterion!

The choice for fabric for any clothing wear needs prime consideration. Good sports shorts have a premium-quality material composition of polyamide, polyester, spandex, elastane, etc. The fabric material must be breathable, comfortable, and soft. Additionally, it should be lightweight with moisture-wicking and quick-drying features. An ideal material composition helps in dissipating heat and odour. It keeps the person sweat-free during the workout or sports. It is more appropriate to choose a stretchable, non-see-through, and anti-bacterial fabric. The fabric of the shorts should not cause any skin irritation problems.

Size and colours- The elementary factors

The sports shorts for women are present in multiple sizes from 6-8 (XS) to 18 (XXL). So, the buyers must check their waist and hip size before purchasing any pair of sports shorts. Usually, a woman should prefer buying the usual size for daily casual shorts. However, for sports or workouts, they must opt for one size smaller for effective compression. Sports shorts have a diverse range of colours. But, colours like black, grey, and shades of blue are more popular.

Desirable features of the Sports shorts

An ideal pair of shorts provide support and tummy control by reshaping the waist and abdomen area. Consequently, some women also use sports shorts as a shape-wear. Most shorts come with an elasticated waistband for better fitting and convenience. It reduces friction and further prevents abrasion on the skin. Also, it restrains the shorts from sliding off the belly during high-intense exercises. The shorts must provide the utmost comfort and protection during any pose or movement. Several shorts also come with side pockets for storing small essential items like phones, cards, keys, etc. Many sports shorts have a high waist design for better shape and comfort.

Additional material qualities

As sports shorts are mostly preferable during adventurous activities or exercises, the shorts must be wear-resistant and non-shrinkable. And, getting a pair of shorts that are machine washable further scales down the laundry stress. However, some sports shorts are only suitable to hand wash and dry cleaning. Henceforth, it is advisable to read the washing instructions & symbols carefully!

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