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Trying to get some quiet time without the hustle & bustle of laptops or mobile phones seems to be a daunting task. But still, one feels like going back in time when screen time wasn't even a word in our day-to-day use & never was a cause of concern. Well, one can still re-live the vibe of such a sacred time with the wooden jigsaws.

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Wooden jigsaws fuel our imagination & create a sense of achievement. These toys are designed for children & adults. The ones designed for your little ones are educational, which help them in active learning with fun. Those made for adults are more challenging & are a peaceful escape from the information overload that has become an integral part of our everyday life.

Delightfully crafted for kids

There are dinosaur wooden jigsaws that will help your child to learn to focus. There are ones that help match alphabets to the pictures & are a great way to kinesthetic learning. You can weave creative stories with the farm-themed wooden jigsaws, wherein joining every piece will reveal a new activity undertaken in the farm, such as carrying the farm produce, setting up the poultry farm etc. They are an excellent way to enhance the narrative thought process in your child. Their auditory skills will also improve. These toys also help in recognizing colours & patterns.

Nostalgic ride for adults

There are wooden jigsaws shaped like forests & animals. Their complexity levels are higher & help in reducing fragmented attention span. They also aid in relieving stress after a long tiring day at work. Spending quality time with your loved ones can become more fruitful with these toys. They serve as an ideal gifting option too. Some wooden jigsaws come in flashy colours with intricate design patterns. They can also be hung on the walls of your living rooms as a classy decorative piece.

Gripping sensory exercise

Some have the world map with the significant continents & oceans' names, which can be a fun game on a picnic. Such toys encourage group activity & bonding. Wooden jigsaws are an exciting way of a mental workout as it puts the left logical brain & the right creative brain, both of them at work. They also escalate your mental faculties, which in turn help in improving your short term memory.

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