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Wound dressings are of various kinds depending on the nature of the would or the purpose of the dressing in general. At once, being a medical necessity and something that a wounded person can seek for smaller cuts or bruises, knowing the basics about them can help you chose when the need arises. Here's a guide that will simplify the choice.

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Wound Dressings Buying Guide

Wounds cant be left open and unattended. Some kinds of wounds take much more time to heal and therefore need even more attention and specific requirements. A dressing is the most basic of what you can offer to an open cut or bleeding bruise. Made of different materials with disparate qualities, a thorough research can be tiring. However, this guide is here to eliminate the need for just that. It will explore what different dressing materials are meant for and how you might make the right selection. It is important to remember that careless ignorance can further impair the healing process.

The questions you must ask

Since dressing a wound can prove a learned job, it is important to follow a specific series of protocols to even asses if you know what you are doing with the wound. The right dressing should allow your wound to breathe as much as it wants to and must protect the region from any kind of external causes that could lead to infections. For starters, look through the tissues surrounding the wound in question and figure out if the wound is already healing or fresh. Also, you must register the drainage amount, i.e. the amount of blood or any liquid oozing out of the wound. The dressing material will be decided accordingly as not all dressings soak the same amount of drainage.

Which dressings and what wounds

Once you have all the answers to the nature of your wound, you need to look for suitable dressings. However, there are also dressings that a=can be used on most kinds of wounds. The gauze sponge or the Gauze bandage being two of them. These dressings can also be used to clean or provide additional layers of protection so that the dressing underneath does not slip or anything from the outside environment gets into the wound region. Gauge is made of absolute cotton material. Options like foam dressings or non-adherent paddings occupy two ends of the spectrum. While the former is meant for wounds with heavy drainage, the latter is more suited to the least leaks.

How to dress

It is not merely enough to know what to dress with but also to know how to dress. All dressing materials or wounds that they are suited for won't follow the same protocol. A buyer should seek help, especially if the wound is chronic or causes discomfort when you attempt to go through the process yourself.

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