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Developed by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 is a home video game console released in 2005. It is the successor to the original Xbox and features Xbox Live, an online service that ran regular updates during the time when the console was manufactured. It enables the users to not only download games but stream music, television programs etc. Though the company no longer produces 360, ardent gamers all over the world still use their consoles or purchase used ones. Hence the accessories for 360 are still much in demand. This guide introduces various such accessories and why you may need them.

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Xbox 360 Accessories Buying Guide

The must-haves

The console controller is inevitable for most functionality Xbox 360 offers. It comes with remote bar, function key, control key, audio port, LT key and cross key. Controllers with more flexibility are generally preferred to fit various platforms like the Xbox 360, slim or otherwise, and multiple Windows operating systems. Features like no delay, clean reset, precise pointing, global gaming-grade joystick etc. are obtainable in most such controllers. The design should be aesthetic without compromising on ergonomics for seamless hand feeling. Sweat-proof and non-slip matte surface ensures zero tiredness.

A compatible headset is quintessential, especially for high-level gameplay. Extra cushioned headsets and light frame provide maximum comfort in a rigorous gaming experience. The superior 3D sound effect allows a precise and strong sound field where anything like an explosion and shot offers one a highly immersive sound. Noise cancellation microphones guarantee better communications with game teammates. Compatibility with multiple platforms, again, is desired.

Charging equipment

USB charging cables that connect the controller and the console directly is highly demanded. It has a simple plug and play mode that does not require batteries. Thus one would not need to replace batteries frequently. Power supply brick replacement adapters with auto voltage can work with 360 consoles in supplying connectivity and power. This allows for the usage of console anywhere, anytime.

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