Top 12 Xbox 360 Consoles

The Xbox 360 is a top contender in gaming consoles, not for any lack of reasons. This guide includes detailed information on every Xbox 360 gaming console (organised by year) so that you can choose one that meets all of your gaming requirements and more, ensuring endless hours of fun.

Xbox 360 Consoles Buying Guide

Although Xbox halted the manufacturing of new Xbox 360 consoles in 2016, there are still plenty of models, each with different perks and quirks, that one can choose from.

Xbox 360 (2005-2019)

The first Xbox 360 is the only version with memory cards, enabling users to move profiles and save and transfer data from one console to another. It is also the most inexpensive, has a massive game library and a hard drive that can easily be removed and inserted into another Xbox 360. The disadvantages are that this console has no built-in Kinect support, is louder than other versions and has no built-in wifi. All Elite versions include an HDMI port, while it is negligible in other versions. Xbox 360's with a lot number greater than 0734 will have revised hardware.

Xbox 360 S (2010)

The 'S' is speculated to stand for 'slim' as this console is a slimmed-down version of the first Xbox 360. It is available in glossy white or black and matte black. The 360 S has built-in wifi and a Kinect port and 250 GB of storage, and better audio quality. The redesigned hardware and shell means that the Xbox 360 S doesn't overheat and looks better than the previous model. The disadvantages are that the console has no memory card slot and removable hard drive, so you'll have to use a USB hard drive if you want extra removable storage.

Xbox 360 E (2013)

The internal hardware of the 360 E is similar to the 360 S as it was mainly released to introduce a new two-toned black shell. The 360 E is the smallest model and comes with a built-in Kinect port, wifi, and a 3.5mm audio jack. There is an HDMI port but no A/V port. Other disadvantages are that it has one less USB port than the 360 S, no memory card slots and no means of swapping hard drives. The hard drives are a bit complicated to update, and users will have to rely on USBs for external storage.

Additional points to know

All Xbox 360 games are compatible with every Xbox 360 console model. The Xbox 360 S is only available in 250 GB and 4GB versions; it also has more fans to improve internal cooling to avoid the overheating issues that are more common in other 360 models. The 360 E generates the least amount of noise compared to other 360 consoles. Arcade models of the Xbox 360 do not include a hard drive.

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