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The 21st generation is renowned for its growth in technology. The gaming industry is one of the growing industries in the technology fields. Popular among people of all ages, for a better experience, many companies introduced new features to improve gaming. X-box is one of such discoveries that took gaming to the next level.

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Gaming consoles are electronic devices that allow one or more people to play visually rich video games. Instead of going to arcades to play games, gaming consoles made players play from their homes, thus providing comfort and a rich game experience. Xbox One is one of the Microsoft released versions with enhanced video quality. In addition, extra accessories were also introduced, taking gaming to the next level.

What is X-box one?

A gaming console that provides users with a realistic gaming experience, X-box one is one of Microsoft's popular versions that enhanced user's gaming experience. X-box allows the player to play both online and offline games. The games can be purchased or downloaded online into your console.

Elevate gaming experience with Headsets

Games with enhanced visual graphics are a treat, but wearing headsets elevate the player's gaming experience. Headsets let users immerse themselves in their favourite stories or fighting levels, thus upgrading the user experience. Most headsets are wireless; they come with features like a mute button, volume slider and flexible microphone. Make sure the speakers offer good audio quality, and the mic records sound with clarity.

Wireless Controller with better grip

A game controller is used for controlling an object or characters in the game. A unique shaped device, the controller, plays a pivotal role in a better game experience. The controllers are usually wireless that take rechargeable AA batteries. The controller has a rubberised texture that ensures a tight grip with buttons. A USB cable is used to connect it to the PC.

Other accessories

Since most controllers come wireless, they are battery operated. Purchasing rechargeable batteries would be an added benefit compared to disposable AA batteries. That is because disposable batteries run out quickly, which can hinder the gaming experience. Rechargeable batteries take up to 3-4 hours recharge time to give more than 25 hours of playtime. A wireless adapter also can be bought to connect the Xbox to the PC; this allows more than eight controllers, including headsets, to connect the Pc avoiding the complexity of wires. 

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