Top 12 Xbox One Consoles

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All game, and no work makes Jack a naughty boy. So how about integrating both pieces and play into a single Xbox one console? Be it working or playing as a gaming console, Xbox one consoles serve various purposes for uplifting the entire working and entertainment section's first experience. The Xbox One consoles market is probably the first of its kind to integrate both- the gaming and the working section into a single screen, quite literally.

Xbox One Consoles Buying Guide

One can always fiddle between the needs, requirements, and unique services offered when buying a new gadget. However, this becomes threefolds when the same labour goes into buying an Xbox one console. The reason being, Xbox one consoles, are the one gadget that can uplift your entire work-from-home/play-for-home setup. Hence, every minute detail, like shape, size, width, screen, quality, and even the brand, matters the most. Even the colour gamut or the latency speaks heights of the device that you are about to buy for yourself.

Why do the specifications matter

Generally, this device is the one place where you will be gorging your eyes on for hours at a stretch. Hence every tiny spec matters the most when buying an Xbox one console. Before moving further, let's first jot down the term resolution. In layman's words, it is the crosssection of the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. Hence, the higher the resolution, the better clarity.

Get the biggest out there

When it comes to size, the primary ground rule does not impose a constraint on the size. You will never regret buying a size too big because a higher screen ratio will guarantee you success no matter what. Hence whichever Xbox one console fits your budget, make sure you flirt with that device with the highest and the giant screen out there.

Stick to the primary maths for screen size

If you know the aspect ratio, bring on your thinking socks and put it out there. Of course, bigger is always better, but you must also label the screen size. If you're frequented with the Pythagoras rule, then calculate the height and width using the diagonal, and you'll see wonders, quite literally! Make sure that the aspect ratio is 1:1. 

Resolution matters most

What you want is to somehow better the quality of the pixels. That is, it's better to optimise the pixel density first and look for other specifications later. Pixel density is what matters when it comes to making the pictures look sharp and high definition.

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